Memories Are A Great Part Of Life

July 27th, 2016

Memories are a great part of life. I have always had the habit of holding on to different souvenirs from the different experiences in life. Whenever I look at them I remember the happy moments spent with friends and loved ones. These souvenirs range from cards, gifts and other little things like rocks or a paper cutting. Everyone will love to hold on to little things that will remind them of the happy moments in their lives. People buy and collect things from places they travel to, some keep items like tickets and paper cuttings. The memories of our past have the ability to cheer us up in the present and the future.
Creating memories is important
When we miss a loved one who is no longer with us, looking at something that they gave us could bring back a million memories we had with them. Memories could be both happy and sad some happy memories when recollected years later could flood our eyes with tears because we miss those days. Creating memories in life is important, because this is what will be left when time passes. Lovers will want to hold on to memories of their time together and proposal. Parents would like to hold on to the memories of their child’s birth by making baby hair brushes with the hair from the first shave of a baby.
Memories of the childhood
Parents will always have a million memories about the infanthood and childhood of their children. They may collect many things from the life of their children like photographs, drawings, clothes etc. Some parents may have a precious taimaobi in Singapore to give as a gift to their children when they grow up. Collecting little souvenirs from our life is a way of reliving the moments. Recollecting memories cannot always be healthy. Because some people may deny reality and tend to live in their memories.
What is gone will not come back
The time that is passes will never come back. The happy days nor the sad days could be changed. But we could always relive them in our minds. It is always happy to hold on to the happy memories. But when our life changes we will have to leave back some memories and go on, as they could be too painful and hinder the flow of your life. You will sometimes have to destroy some memories and souvenirs in life because it is too painful. The memories of the lover who left you or a best friend who betrayed you could be some that you will have to leave behind. It is nice to remember the happy occasions in our lives. But if that causes hindrance to our happiness then it is worth to leave them back.

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