The Gastronomical World Of Gourmet Cuisine

August 10th, 2016

Food has come a long way from being a basic staple for survival, to a celebrated experience representing quality and finesse. Even the profession itself is highly respected today, and a chef is a revered individual, celebrated for his talents and knack for marrying ingredients together to create beautiful bursts of flavor. The best chefs spend many years gaining knowledge and experience in kitchens across the world, under the tutelage of legendary masters of the culinary arts. They perfect their skills overtime and go not to bring newer and more creative additions to the ever-growing culinary world.

History of gourmet cuisine
Enjoying the experience of food beyond that of satisfying hunger does in fact have a long history. Rare delicacies were brought by foreign travelers as gifts for the pharaohs of Egypt and the emperors of the Roman kingdom. In early periods of England, exotic foods such as pineapples were such symbols of wealth and delicacy that noblemen adorned their front gates with carvings of this delicious fruit.

Kings and queens of central Europe hosted many balls and state dinners that showcased their most talented royal cooks and the best produce the region has to offer.

Modern cuisine
With migration across the world being a common occurrence nowadays, the lines between cultures have been blurred in recent years, especially when it comes to food. For instance, where a century ago, if one were to find the best Italian restaurant in Singapore, one would undoubtedly have to reach the shores of Italy. Now, the best Italian cuisine may be found being served up by an Arabic chef in a New York restaurant; food knows no culinary borders.

It is common now to see a French who has better knowledge of the preparation of sashimi than a Japanese local, and Mediterranean chefs with a keen eye for Indian spices.

This merging of food cultures has led to the creation of gastronomical dishes that delight the palate and captivate the senses. Indian curries are now being served with Australian marron, Indonesian mangoes are being layered into English trifles, and Alaskan sardines are tossed together with pasta in bowls of Italian food.

This ‘east meets west’ concept of food has paved the way for innovative thinking and creative ideas to emerge.

Introduction to the mainstream through the media
In the age of reality shows, a vast number of shows have now emerged that focus on the culinary arts. Shows that focus on the grueling challenges of a chef’s commercial kitchen have created a large fan base of viewers and has increased interest in gourmet cuisine. Amateur home cooks are now attempting sophisticated dishes in their own kitchens.

This too, has resulted in the reach of gourmet cuisine expanding to each and every person across the board.

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