Get The Best Out Of Your Life From This New Form Of Investment

August 10th, 2016

Economies grow, and the markets expand; with time. It is therefore important that we grow and expand along with those to ensure our own survival. If we make no effort to stay ahead of the game, then we are sure to lose relevance. This has become the bitter reality. Especially when employability is concerned, even for the odd job here and the casual part time one there, you are required hone a specific skill set with an enhanced investment in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in order to survive the demands they make of you, if not thrive in what you do. It’s unforgiving, it’s cruel and it’s vicious. Unfortunately times are such that ‘skills’ have become so common place that you are expected to distinguish yourself if you expect a high end employment opportunity.
What is my best option?
Skillsfuture courses programme is your best ally. This programme which is an exclusive Singaporean system is a ‘skill development for life’ kind of programme with minimum eligibility age of 18 years of age. It provides Singaporeans with opportunities to develop their maximum potential throughout their lives, and is a novel form of investment. It specifically aims to advance the people skills of the eligible population and thereby to foster a more organized practice of lifelong learning. It treats you as an asset to their future development in terms of economy and is prepared to invest in it in multiple ways. If you are to think of a tag line, such would it be phrased: “We invest in your future. You ensure our growth”. It could be in your best interest to be a part of this scheme and help them transform you, so you can aspire to be more and do more. Development is a two way route.
What does it offer?
The following areas have been given priority: Accountancy, Applied Health Knowledge, Radical Manufacturing, Construction, Financial Facilities, Human Resources Management, ICT and Media, , and etc. A key thing that is noticeable when you go through this list is the trend towards more technical, applied and or, directly economy related fields. This is deliberate since rapid and sustainable economic growth is essential the goal of this skillsfuture courses in Singapore.
Go fire up your internet search engine right now to see the admission eligibility criteria for the programme. You will more than profit from the investment you make on your behalf. It is for your future, and for Singapore’s future.

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