Consideration Prior To Implementation

February 17th, 2017

Imagine that your house hasn’t been repaired for quite a long period of time and you need to do something to patch it all up and put things together for this New Year. Then you come up with a plan on what areas to fix up and which parts of the house needs re-painting, replace of furniture and all sorts of renovations. After you plan things out, prior to the actual implementation process, you will try to think on what are the possible factors that could affect your planned activities. Whether colour washing be done first and then replace fittings and where to sell the old furniture.

Similarly, if you are business trying to implement ERP software in Singapore in your branch, you will go through several factors to evaluate your plan prior to implementation process. You might have already gone to the several benefits that a system as such could offer you in terms of, improved collaboration, data management, systems security, client interaction, accurate analysis of data and these are the reasons why you have decided to implement one on your office base as well. Here are few main things to think through before you actually go ahead with your implementation process.


op Management support

You must ensure that you have top management support and ideas in picking out a good system for the company. This usually takes a lot of cost and you don’t want to be investing so much of your company resources on a system that may not deliver the value you expect out of it. Without the commitment and guidance extended by the top management, you should not at any cost make a move. you must always make sure that the choice is something that is well-agreed by everyone.

Exact Requirements

Get together with all the technical and functional consultants to put up an exact list of requirements that are expected by the vendor. Then go ahead and choose few vendors that could suit your business requirement. You should not just go pick a vendor based on other client recommendations and reviews but you must see whether they actually cater to your business needs.

Evaluate System

You must evaluate the ERP that you’ve chosen along with the existing system and see if it actually gives you enough benefits above the current margin. If the new system is not going to reap a great margin across, then your investment will not be worth it.

These are some of the factors that as a business, you will have to go through before actually investing you time and money in the implementation process.

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