Law In Day To Day Life

April 4th, 2016

The ubiquitous nature of law

Law is an integral part of our day to day lives, whether we realize or not. Whatever we do, there would be a legal aspect to it. This might not be evident or explicit all the time. However, if you observe carefully and analyze each situation closely, you will soon realize that law pervades every aspect of life. Thus, law is not something that is confined to the courts of law or to the chambers of eminent solicitors. It is a way of life and a part and parcel of our day to day life. From national security measures, to private family matters, law plays an important role in society.

Law governing your family relationships

There are many laws that govern private relationships and family matters. The law would decide at what age you can get married. Marriage below the age stipulated by law, can prove to be a criminal offence with heavy penalties. Further, the law would also to a certain extent decide whom you can marry. The law outlaws incestuous relationships. Moreover, in order for your marriage to be recognized as valid, certain laws require a formal registration of the marriage. However, certain other laws accept customary marriage rituals as conclusive evidence of marriage. The laws that apply to you can depend on your nationality, ethnicity or other relevant factors. In the event you want to terminate or annul a marriage, then too, the law would intervene. Divorce lawyers would be able to explain to you that law does not stop at the mere termination of the marriage.

The divorce lawyers would also have to make sure that their clients obtain the compensation, maintenance, custody of children and other related matters that follow the termination of a marriage.

Law at work and on holiday

The law also would govern certain aspects of your holiday. For example, if you want to go abroad, you have to make sure that you have legal authorization to enter another country. Thus, you would be required to produce a valid passport and in certain instance valid visas too. Similarly, the things that you can take with you might also be regulated by laws or by laws. For example, the possession of drugs such as heroin can be punishable by death in certain countries. Your work will also be governed by law. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are employed in a job that is legally recognized and that is not outlawed. Further, the contract you enter into with your employer lays down the laws, terms and conditions that govern your job. A breach of this contract by either party would result in a legal process being instituted in order to compensate the victim and punish the wrongdoer.

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