Minimise Hoist Trouble On Construction Sites With These Tips

April 13th, 2016

If you have ever walked onto a construction site and had a look around or even walked through, you would probably have realised that the entire site is a hazardous ground. Prone to accidents, tall scaffolding, machinery and bulky vehicles thundering around all add to the danger which increases the need for safety a hundredfold. When working on a new site in particular, it takes some time to get used to the land and the surroundings hence it is crucial that everything else has been checked and cleared for use. In case of emergencies, engineers and construction managers should be prepared with standby replacement parts at the ready. Click this link http://www.craneparts.co.id/news/mobile-cranes/ for more information about mobile crane parts.


You cannot expect there to never be a breakdown ever; so what do you do when it does happen? Continuing the work under those circumstances is out of the question as the lives of everyone there would be at risk. Which means that this time would be classified as ‘breakdown time’ which costs both money and time. The longer this time is, the more that is lost. Provided the construction manager has invested in reliable crane spare parts suppliers it is possible to reduce this downtime by a significant portion.


This is relevant to a business in general regardless of the industry; customer service. Without competent customer service, it is highly likely that the company would close down quite soon. No matter what the problem might be, the supplier should be able to resolve the issue especially if the purchase was made from them as they have an obligation to do so. Ensure the quality of their customer service is of a reputed standard.


This is a vital aspect to consider. It is mandatory that the crane spare parts suppliers you shortlist are providing products that are 100% genuine and are backed by manufacturer’s warranty. If this is not available, do not go with them. Find out whether all the components for sale are also backed by international standards.


Is the supplier stuck in a time-rut or are they innovative? Are they making a genuine effort to find out what is new in the industry and how they can improve their products and services? Are they trying to reduce the cost to the customer? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you are on the right track. By being up-to-date and willing to learn, they can go a long way and improve as well as develop their business to new heights. If you see new deals often, ask them information as this can give you an insight.

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