Benefits Of Healthy Teeth

July 12th, 2016

There are several benefits of having good and strong teeth; that goes without saying. But the attention that people give their teeth is much less compared to the rest of the body. Though your mouth and teeth are much smaller in comparison to the rest of your body, the function that your teeth play is immense and essential to the functioning of your body. Your teeth are what help in the digestion of food by breaking what we eat into several small pieces. Ignoring your teeth can impact your jaw and thereby your entire mouth. You should therefore make an effort to pay attention to your oral health and hygiene.

Protect Your Healthy Teeth

If proper attention is not given to a teeth that has a cavity, needs a root canal filling or is broken there is a high chance that it will affect the rest of your teeth. If you have a broken tooth for example, there is a high possibility that a piece of the broken tooth might keep scraping the back or side of a tooth next to it. Since it doesn’t hurt, no visit to the dentist is made. Due to the continuous scraping by the broken tooth, after a period of a few months to a year a cavity can form on the side of the healthy tooth. Therefore, as soon as you know that there is a cavity or broken tooth, you should make an appointment to fix the tooth.

Eat and Drink what you like

It is difficult to enjoy your favorite food and drink if your personal dental and oral hygiene is not good. Unlike removable dentures, if you get a dental implant you will be enjoy the foods you love with ease. You can bite naturally and eat anything you want without feeling uncomfortable. This will also be long term. Cavities can’t form in an implant, so you will be cavity free for the rest of your life. You would however need to visit your dentist regularly and clean and care for it every day in the same manner you would look after a natural tooth.

Speak Easy and Smile

Removable dentures can mean struggling to pronounce everyday words. This would not be so if you get a dental implant in Singapore which would function like natural teeth. Being able to pronounce words comfortably and clearly would boost your confidence. Confidence will help you present yourself to others in a comfortable manner making you feel at ease with others and making you smile.

Care for Healthy Bone

Hollow spaces in your teeth after losing a tooth or two can be the cause of several health problems, for example the deterioration of a part of the jawbone. If the jawbone’s does not support a particular tooth, the jawbone above the place of the missing tooth weakens, losing its firmness and strength. Therefore in order to prevent the breaking down of your jawbone, make sure you visit your dentist immediately after a booth breaks or falls.

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