Four Types Of Gifts For Office Event Attendees

Four Types Of Gifts For Office Event Attendees

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Hosting a management event, presentation or conference takes a lot of organizing and teamwork. You would want the people who attended the event to remember how professionally capable your company is, and that you valued their presence enough to show appreciation. Gifts or memorabilia can be given to each person as small token to remember the event. These small touches can help you improve the image of your company too. Remember to pay attention to the presentation and packaging, or you can even us special company gift bags.

Devices and Digital Gadgets

Gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers, small FM radios, clocks, flash drives or even power banks would make great gifts for people in a business environment. Having a flash drive on the go is especially useful and would make a good gifting item. This also includes power banks, which are ideal to charge mobile devices when rushing around. Plus, interesting gadgets are always liked by many people and you can’t go wrong with things like that.

Lifestyle Items

Items or products that deals with personal image and care are rather popular too. Often times, companies have made gift bags or baskets with few items like manicure sets or even shower gels and shampoos depending on the industry they are in. Even tokens or door gifts in Singapore from business partners or sponsors as well would make a good impression and show that the company has good rapport with them. Items like luggage tags, bottle openers or key chains can make good small tokens as well.

Bags, Cases and Mobile Accessories

Bags of all types generally make good complimentary gifts as well. Especially travel bags which are something that everyone needs and will have to make use of. Laptop and mobile phone cases are also great corporate gift ideas that people will definitely make use of in their daily lives. Choose appealing shapes or designs with good quality gifts that is within your budget of course. You can even get the company logo or slogan printed on the bag or case that is being handed out.


This may seem like one of the duller gifting options, however, you can’t go wrong with stationary items since these are things that everyone will have to use. Pens, pencils, name cardholders, notebooks and much more, are simple but effective giveaways if you are on a small budget as well. As mentioned earlier, you can even get the company name or logo printed on some items to make it more appealing or handout a combination of items wrapped or packaged neatly.

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