How To Make A Lasting Impression On Valentine’s Day

How To Make A Lasting Impression On Valentine’s Day

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The season of love for those to feel love and to be loved is just around the corner. Well you don’t have to grab your credit card and stay up late in front of the computer waiting for e-bays hot deals and offers. Why not try something new? Something more innovative and creative and maybe even inexpensive! Want to know how to score some amazing brownie points and make a lasting impression this valentine’s day? Well here are few suggestions;

10 days of romance
Have you got a collection of random photos you’ve taken with your other half? From amazing date pics to goofy photo booth pictures. Well here’s a quick suggestion on how to put them in to good use.

Have you ever heard of anyone who’s not excited when they get an actual letter rather than a digital mail, mainly if it’s not another bill they have to pay for! Well here’s how you can use that.

Starting from 10 days before Valentine’s Day, mail your partner with a picture a day that captures those truly amazing moments that you’ve both cherished, add a little compliment behind each one showing how much you appreciate him/her. Take a walk down the memory lane and relive those wonderful moments. On the 10th day you could send an extra special photo that holds a lot of meaning and value behind it with a little note that says something that you’ve always wanted to say.

His / Her favorites
You could always make a special Valentine day bouquet in Singapore without sticking to the typical ones. Who says it’s always got to be flowers? If your other half is a major chocoholic then you’re in luck, if not, still you could make do using something equally appetizing.

Scavenger hunt
Everyone loves a good old scavenger hunt. Here’s how to put that into good use. Use little notes with clues to follow the trail to the end of the hunt to claim the grand prize, which could be an amazing candle lit dinner for two.

A little thought
You could always get down a flower delivery of red roses and add a little note in each stem. Have one white rose attached with a special “I love you” or anything else of significance to complete it. If you are interested about wedding car decoration you can visit this site

Hopefully the above suggestions may help you make one lasting impression and spread joy and love throughout. However you don’t necessarily have to stick these, you can come up with your own unique ideas, after all it’s the thought that matters!

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