Launching Your New Bakery

Launching Your New Bakery

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Starting up your own business is indeed a big milestone in your life and it is no doubt a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. In order to make sure that your new business is successful, you will need to launch it with a bang and have people notice your business both online and in real life. A bakery and coffee shop is something that has a lot of potential to work and therefore it is vital that you give a lot of attention and effort to making this business work.

A launch event

On the day of your opening, it would be a good idea to have a launch event that is all about coffee appreciation and give out invitations to a few people online to attend the event. You could even choose to do this in competition form by asking all of your online fans to like and share the post where you will randomly choose twenty or so people to attend the event.

There are many thing that you can do at the event to make it more interesting such as have some coffee appreciation in Singapore information given out as well as samples of all the food that you will be serving at your new bakery. You could ask all of your guests to review your food on your Facebook page which will entice other people to try your food as well.

Children’s parties

In addition to this, in your first month of operations, it would be great idea for you to offer to host a few children’s parties at your venue. Children’s parties have the potential to bring in a big amount of business in one go as well as bring in many potential customers to sample your food. In other words, if you host your first children’s party free of charge for fifteen children, that’s fifteen potential children’s parties that you can target in the future and if those fifteen children choose to have their parties at your venue and they too for example, bring in another fifteen guests, your marketing will get done for you without you having to invest a single cent.

It would also be a great idea to have work stations at your venue where working people can come in and do their work over a cup of coffee and some food. If they spend a couple of hours at your venue then they are likely to spend quite a bit of money during those few hours on food and drinks. Work stations also have the potential of students coming in to finish up their assignments in comfort.

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