The Quick Fix: Beauty Tips And Procedures

The Quick Fix: Beauty Tips And Procedures

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Who says that the bride is the only one who has to look good at the wedding? Sure, she has to be the centre of attention because it is her day however there is no harm in exuding some glamour yourself, particularly if you are on the prowl. If you lead a hectic life and do not have time to attend to your beauty care, you may need some quick fixes to bring your look up to scratch for the day. Here are some tips to help you look wedding worthy:

Make the Eyes Sparkle

Let your eyes do the talking. Gents: apply some eye gel every night for a week leading up to the wedding and if you are bold enough, brush your eyelashes with a very light layer of mascara to play them up. Do it right and women will be swooning over your smouldering eyes. Ladies: concentrate your makeup on making the eyes pop. Use a shadow eye or cat eye look to emphasize the colour of your eyes and hid the fatigue. In extreme cases you can go get eye bag removal in Singapore done to tighten the loose skin under the eye and lighten the discolouration. Use eye gel for a week to repair the damage to your tired eyes and help them absorb the makeup on the big day. Avoid coating your eye with too much eye shadow in bright colours; use light shades that highlight the natural tints of your skin and make them sparkle.

Leave the Face Be

Overdone makeup was in vogue during the 16th century; it is so passé right now so do not daub concealer and foundation on so much that it can stop a moving truck. Instead, let your natural complexion be the star – with a bit of help. If you have acne, scars or blemishes, make an appointment a week before the wedding for acne laser treatment which will not only cure it, but will also get rid of scars and blemishes (at least temporarily). Ladies: use shades of foundation and concealer that match your skin tone and apply with a light hand. Do not rouge your cheekbones unnecessarily; use a bronzer instead to help make your skin glow. Let your eyes and lips do the talking; use a bright shade of lipstick that complements your dress and skin tone and which will brighten your complexion.

Sell What You Are Wearing

Most people worry over what they have or don’t have to wear to a wedding when the trick is to simply sell whatever it is you have on. There is no call to purchase a new suit and tie if an old one will do; wear it with confidence and strut your stuff. The same goes for women who are nervous about wearing an old pair of shoes, jewellery seen a hundred times before or a dress that isn’t quite what the occasion calls for. Wear it with confidence and do not let whispers take you down. As long as you enjoy yourself and have a good time, people will notice your personality and attitude rather than what you are wearing.

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